Fenton PhotoMedia®™ are actively seeking collaborations with new models, hair and make-up artists, stylists, designers and like-minded creative individuals interested in having professional photography of themselves or various skill-set in a variety of different mediums and styles.  

Fenton PhotoMedia are absolutely committed to the legitimate and respectful treatment of all collaborators needs and wishes.  If you contact us and the opportunity to artistically collaborate occurs, we encourage you to attend shoots with partners or friends if you so desire.  We believe in developing positive and continuing relationships with all level of industry professionals, if you are starting out of a veteran in your area of expertise we want to collaborate with you. 

Fenton PhotoMedia primarily collaborates with artists/talent on a TFP or TFDF contract arrangement, unless otherwise instructed or agreed upon prior to shooting in writing.   In regards to model type, we seek: male and female models of any ethnicity, age or body shape for a variety of specific styled shoots, this organisation DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE, we believe everyone is beautiful regardless of Sex, Shape, Size or Colour... and anyone who feels differently about this belief need not apply.

Our one tiny request is we do expect passionate, dedicated and professional minded people, even if you have very limited experience, being professional is what we really look for. In this industry professionalism is key and is vitally important in the development of continuing relationships with artists.   This is Fenton PhotoMedia's primary goal with all collaborations, we feel photo shoots should be a great experience for all involved, this is a great industry to be apart of, as we create lets have fun at the same time!