At Fenton PhotoMedia we believe in the strength of collaboration, you know the saying “two minds are better than one” this has never been so true in this visually driven market.  It’s the ability to interpret, develop and create a visual concept for your businesses marketing, branding, products or services that drives the core attitude of this business and its consistent results.

Zavaali Hair & Beauty.  Mocking Bird Make-Up.  Claire Andrea Artistry.  National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA)
Limited Brands Incorporated.   Sydney Design School    Belle Allure.    Bohemian Luxe Fashion.   Get Threaded.
Andy Jey Styling.   The Tattered Tower (Jewellery)   Rizk Make-Up.  Helana Rose Fashion.  POSE Hair Artistry. Dean & Nadean Fashion.   Linda Thi Make-Up.    Belinda Vangelov Hair Stylist.    FBI Fashion College Sydney.
Raffles College Sydney.   Raw Fashion Agency.   Whitehouse Design School.    Olia Hoang Couture & Design.

Australian Culinary Federation®  (NSW & ACT)    Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) (NSW & ACT) Jeremy & Jane Strode.   Fine Foods Exhibition (NSW)     Johnson's Club Chef.    FoodPro Exhibition (NSW) Executive Chefs Club®    Sydney Seafood School.   Executive Chefs Club®    La Chaine de Rotisseures®         Executive Chefs Club®    Sydney Rowing Club®     The Brewhaha Group®   Teatro Alla Scala (Milan, Italy)   Boulangerie Patisserie (Paris, France)     Le Boissiere Restaurant (Paris, France)     Fideli’s Restaurant Group. TAFE NSW®  (Sydney, Northern, Western, Hunter Institutes)

Condé Nast Media/Advance Publications (Vogue, Teen Vogue, Vanity Fair, Brides, Allure and Bon Appetit)
Ondine Publication.   Surreal Beauty Magazine.   Events Network.  Bubble & Sweet Magazine.  The AU Review.
Food Companion International Magazine.   Spiced Magazine.   Grand Designs Magazine UK & Australia. Complete Wedding Magazine (Syd)   Concrete Playground.   Time Out.   SPARK PR Group.

Diversified Communications & Exhibitions®  (Good Food & Wine Show, Grand Designs Show, Special Events) TAFE NSW®  (Sydney, Northern, Western, Hunter Institutes)   La Chaine de Rotisseures Chef Competition® Australian Culinary Federation®  (NSW & ACT)    Australian Specialty Coffee Association (ASCA) (NSW & ACT) Fine Foods Exhibition (NSW)     Executive Chefs Club®    NSW Government (National Skills Week Launch) Multi-Ethnicity Hair & Beauty Expo.    National Voiceless Awards.    World Musician Day.    Newtown Festival.

Big Day Out.   Soundwave.   Harvest.   Sydney Festival.   Hits & Pits.   Alternative Nation.   Vans Warped.   Nine Inch Nails Live Tours: (Self Destruct, Fragility 1.0, Fragility 2.0, With Teeth and Lights In The Sky)   Reading & Leeds (UK)   Coke Live (POL)   OFF Festival (POL)   Openér (POL)   Newtown Festival (AUS)   Summersault (AUS)   (Various Live Events (INT)     Secure Event Security Australia.

Citibank.    Delhongi.    Adriano Zumbo.   Riedel.    Harris Farm Markets.    Jacobs Creek Wines.    Nudie.
Malgamus Entertainment (US)   Fiore Fiore Glassware (Murano, Italy)    Buddha Group.    Vincent's Bakery. Toohey's Extra Dry.   Australian Farmers United.   Nitelife Entertainment Group (US)   Global Kitchenware.
Zapstars Productions.